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EuroNews 02-2007, Europe in Poland

From Poland: What am I thinking when I hear word “Europe” From old Greece to modern Europe Ancient Greece and Rome are parents of European nations – I remember that phrase from my history lessons in primary school. We were talking about civilization achievements which had begun in ancient Greece. I think a fundaments of philosophy, mathematics, about first novel written – “Iliad” and “Odyssey”. I was really proud that I am a European. I was … until last year.

EuroNews 01-2007, Invitation for an European Week in Belgium

Come together-be friends We are a group of students from the Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve (UCL) in Belgium. We form an organization named AUEL: Association Universitaire Européenne de Louvain. This organization has the objective to act in order to participate in the creation of a “European public space”, like it has been proposed by the European Council. It is also a good and nice way to bring together European citizens around this big project, which is our future, and especially

EuroNews 12-2006, How do the Greeks celebrate Christmas?

What is Christmas and how it’s been celebrated in our days? Christmas is the greatest Christians celebration. Christianism is the religion of love, peace and equality. Jesus Christ was born in order to save the world from evil. But the point of this article is not to make a religion lesson. There are different ways that people of every nation or religion celebrate this great day cause the message of love and peace is send to everyone. In Greece religion

EuroNews 07-2006, Bureaucracy first – Travelling Dreams

Holidays with barriers Summertime – Traveltime. Also many young Serbians use the time to go to holidays. But it isn`t as easy as you think. Because reviuos to the beach advances the bureaucracy. After passing one or two faculty exams, student have found themselves in half-emptied Belgrade. Where have all the people gone? Does it have something with aggressive campaigns of tourist agencies inviting everybody to use vacation for the journey of life, to visit Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Tunisia, Bulgaria…Rare

EuroNews 07-2006, Students on the Move

ERASMUS makes it possible The Finnish National Holiday, the Lithuanian Independence, St Patrick’s Day and the Swedish Midsummer Day – an ERASMUS student has a lot to celebrate. Last year I was one of the approximately 63.157 students who participate in the ERASMUS program each year. They get the chance to study at a European university. The program is part of the Socrates II program that advances the cooperation in the field of education throughout Europe. Erasmus emphasizes on improve

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