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To follow or not to follow your dream

Have you ever asked yourself “Is this what I really want to do?” while listening to one of your professors in university giving a lecture? Do you ever have second thoughts about whether you’ve chosen the right path? Although there are no precise studies about the number of people who are following a university directly related to their skills and passions, there are some estimations suggesting that only about 27% of young people are currently working in the field they


Nowadays, we live in a world full of changes in all aspects of life due to one of the most serious economic recessions ever existed. A highly affected sector is the labor market. We all know to what extent unemployment level across Europe has increased and how negatively this situation impacted unemployed people’s psychology and perspectives. Such has been the distance between the demand and the offer of employment that enterprises have set very strict criteria when it comes to

Youth unemployment in Czech Republic

In Czech Republic there is a trend that young people can’t find job because in our country is very high rate of unemployment. It’s not what it looks like. Yeah, in Czech Republic there is 8,4% unemployment, but if you are searching, you can find a good job! Today it is time when if you have connections you can get a job easier that you haven’t them. But everyone has connections you only shelter to come on how to use

The European crisis

The first idea to get united the European nations as Europeans is during these days disappearing. I couldn’t see it before the European youth voice meeting. Whoever caused that crisis, European nations are getting further from each away. Today is crisis. Each country has to fight against each own growing unemployment, growing of nationalism or neonazism. For these topic has European Union no solution. It seems the European Union is confused and can’t solve it. Young people are without hope,

Young, educated, and looking for a job!

Photo by Liva Romane

When Laura (23) started studies at The Faculty of Social Sciences in The University of Latvia she had to find a job to pay for her living so she started to work as a babysitter in the kindergarten. Asked how she managed to combine studies with a part time job, she tells that it was very hard: “I had to wake up at 7 o’clock, went to the early lectures, in the afternoon went to the work and got home

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