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The Waste is gone with the Wind

The world has seven billion people. The figure of human being is increasing and the resources are low. Scientists are telling since many years that the water will be very low in future. Do we have also enough to eat? An enormous food waste has to be stopped immediately against the environmental pollution and to alleviate the world hunger. After a Quotation by the German federal ministry of agriculture, alimentation and consumer-protection (BMELV) every German throws food with an economical

Student life in UK

Many young people from Europe dream about studying in the UK. Cultural diversity, freedom of expression, creativity and world class modules are some of the many reasons to pick a university in the UK.. But is the real life of an international student really this fun in the UK? Let’s find it out! We asked Markéta Zezulkova, originally from the Czech Republic who studies in the UK to answer a few questions related to the topic. To begin with, let

EuroNews 11-2006, Introduction to the topic of “Human Rights”

As the main topic of the Euronews for this month were chosen human rights. As this topic touches everyone living in the world, I will start with a short introduction of what the human rights are. The definition of the human rights can be that “these are the basic rights of freedoms to which all humans are considered entitled“. There exist 4 basic rights: the first is the right to life, then the right to liberty, the third is freedom