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Life of a Computer Science student in Estonia.

We, Estonians are proud of our IT accomplishments. When we meet a foreigner then one of the first things we usually say to somehow position ourselves is that “We made the Skype”. That’s true and we also have properly working e-government, e-banking etc. Life seems to be all like flowers and rainbows as we have internet everywhere and everything can be done online. That puts a lot of pressure on developers and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) students as expectations

Why should Romanian students come back after studying abroad?

We can see an increase in the rate of discussions about the exodus of Romanian students to universities in Europe and the US and a decrease in the numbers of students that are coming back to Romania after that. Without going astray, we can conclude that the stories of Romanian students that remain abroad are mostly success stories while those who come back to the country of origin are sometimes daunting. Undoubtedly, the fact that Romanian students have access to

When theatre is freedom

First, our ears catch the sound. Then it’s our eyes following the movements, going from fast to slow, from the random confusion to what seems  to be a rhythmic choreography. It could be some type of ritual. It’s nothing but people using theatre to feel free. That happens every Monday and Thursday, since 1981, when the Técnica University’s Rector Eduardo Arantes de Oliveira invited Jorge Listopad to create a theatre group (TUT). The purpose is, since then, to give a

To be Bologna or not to be Bologna?

In the last months a hot topic has been debated over and over again not only between students but also between the academic bodies. It seems that in Germany this reform has not been taken so easily mainly by students and companies, who are making hard differences between people studying in the new system. Strikes have overwhelmed Germany and a consensus seems far away. I give below the word to one active member of the academic bodies here in Germany

European Education

We are now citizens of a new economic, social, cultural environmental, but how much do we know about it, and more important how much do we learn about it? While I was sitting in one of the lectures at my university the professor asked: “How many states are members of the European Union?” The room suddenly went quiet. Good question, one may think! Now I will confess that after this lesson, I was walking on the street thinking how it

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