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Christmas shopping fever

Beautiful decorated Christmas tree and cities, a men dressed as Santa Claus, „Kevin alone at Home” – which everyone already saw, a songs like „ All I want for Christmas is you..” which we can hear in gallery center, and an old men who looks like a Santa Claus decorate a bottle of coca-cola. What is that for? Yes..Christmas is coming… Christmas time is a beautiful and expected period in our life. We want to spend Christmas quietly and with

Snowboarding – A sports or a lifestyle?

Snowboarding became famous as a mean of sports in 1980’s when American snurfer (surfer on a snow), Jake Burton, put a pair of bindings on his snurfboard, and attended to a competition, there were many protests given in, but Jake still managed to compete. This competition is also considered the first snowboarding competition. The first World Championships were held in 1983. Nowadays snoboarding is one of the most popular means of extereme sports and is becoming more and more popular