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Living “abroad” or how is it to be an Eastern on the West

Each of us have travelled somewhere…for a weekend trip, vacation or business trip. But can you imagine leaving your country and start living in some other part of the world? Surely you can, some of you already did. Is it harder to start living abroad or to move to the opposite side of your native country? Do you think it’s possible to be surrounded by your nation and still feel as a foreigner? Here are some thoughts of a young

Having a job while studying

It is very common among students that when they go to collage,to also get a job. Before you start one it is very wise to personally analize both negative and positive sides which can affect your studying and further life. All depends grandly on how many hours you have to work and on that how much a person can take. Firstly, people say that a part time job is very good if you want to have more freedom to decide

Why should Romanian students come back after studying abroad?

We can see an increase in the rate of discussions about the exodus of Romanian students to universities in Europe and the US and a decrease in the numbers of students that are coming back to Romania after that. Without going astray, we can conclude that the stories of Romanian students that remain abroad are mostly success stories while those who come back to the country of origin are sometimes daunting. Undoubtedly, the fact that Romanian students have access to