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A lesson learnt from Scottish independence referendum

Vote at 16

A few days ago a very important independence referendum took place in Scotland. Of course we are not going to talk about the political consequences of this referendum to the Scottish people or the country. But this referendum gave us a great lesson regarding the participation of young people in elections. For the referendum the normal voting age was reduced from 18 to 16 for the first time in Great Britain! The vast majority of young people aged 16 and

To follow or not to follow your dream

Have you ever asked yourself “Is this what I really want to do?” while listening to one of your professors in university giving a lecture? Do you ever have second thoughts about whether you’ve chosen the right path? Although there are no precise studies about the number of people who are following a university directly related to their skills and passions, there are some estimations suggesting that only about 27% of young people are currently working in the field they

What does Czech Youth think about Greece Youth?

For the beginning we have to start with ice breaking, understanding and knowing each other. And we have to leave us from the information which are we getting through the Czech media, when we after long time get anything. And actually for better understanding the situation is necessary to know each other, but let´s try it for now without it. What do Czech Youth mean about Greece Youth? I asked few of Youths and they started to think about it,

The Vietnam experience

There are three stages in getting to know Vietnam. The first one started when I got off the airport taxi, in downtown Saigon at 2 in the morning. You feel like you don’t have enough eyes to see everything, to watch out for everything nor to acknowledge every blinking light and the truth is you don’t. The first night in Vietnam is all about the air vibrating, about the music of the omnipresent high heels (and short skirts), the clinking

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