Emotional journey with Soulful Traveller

From the depths of emotions, she comes. From the depths of his soul, she comes. She comes… his music. So full of emotions, so deeply touching our souls with sweet, lovely whispering lyrics of all his mixes. She tells us a story about love, emotions, feelings. About how important love is. About how important is who you are. And there he is – Soulful Traveller (Nikolay Panov).

This time I don’t want to follow the conception of introducing someone with his biography. This time I want to represent an amazing person, with big P, via his music only. I will just tell you that he is from Sofia, Bulgaria. As he says, he’s not a DJ, he’s just music addicted and represents his feelings and emotions with the music. He also works in the field of aviation, which is his passion after music. If you have already listened to some of Soulful Traveller’s mixes, then you know for sure about his love of music and the way he represents his feelings. I have the greatest pleasure to present to you his latest mix and I can say as always he will lead you for a unique musical journey through the valleys of Afro, Deep, Dub and Soulful House music! In case you’re tired of the radio hit list and hit charts, here you are in the right place to get your dose of amazing underground tunes and some rare & unreleased productions/remixes!

The specific in his mixes is his affinity for Afro Deep Sounds which is kind of exotic for me. Because of these deep vibes, while listening to some of his afro deep mixes, I feel like I am on a safari in Africa. There are so many different natural sounds – birds, animals, water, air… like you can feel every sensuous, perfectly matched tune from the beginning till the end of the mix like it comes from inside of you. His music is so close to me, and I bet – to everyone too, so I can say for sure that this music reminds me that I am a human being and the most important thing for me is not to forget my human nature – to love other people, to love nature, to love animals, just to feel and love from the depths of my heart and soul.

The new mix begins smooth, then soulful and Deep and again smooth at the end. It’s a little bit different from the typical Soulful Travellers’ Afro Deep style. It is inspired by soulful lyrics, instruments, life as we know it, love and especially how the music could totally change a person and what you are possible to do when you fall in love. How the words of one man transmitted through music lead him to a new emotional beginning again and again.
About his music Nikolay says: “I always try to find and mix not so much familiar tracks in my mixes, to stay away from any charts, etc., and I think that there isn’t new or old music; it is just one that touches your soul and brings you a wonderful mixture of feelings.” There is one track in this mix – “Hear my soul”. I wonder, listening to it, how many young people today live a trully spiritual life; how much they are focused on the material as they have forgotten how nice and pure it is to love somebody. Where has the true emotions of music, of going out with friends at night gone away… How many young people today want their soul to be heard, understood? How many of them want to show their true feelings…”
To the question what makes him happy when he releases a new mix, he answers “For me it is not important to have a billion fans. It’s enough for me and makes me happy if just one person finds out himself into any of my mixes. For some people maybe my work is not good enough, for others maybe is the best, but the main idea is to represent to the world a mixture of different feelings and emotions in my mixes. And this rule doesn’t work only for me, it is the same for all the artists in the world”.
I would like to wish you to find out a piece of you in the mix “Rejoice of Life” by Soulful Traveller and your day to be fulfilled with possitive emotions and as he says: “Open you minds and your souls. Let the music and lyrics take you on a spiritual journey and lead you to your inner, to your hidden soul and do not forget that life is beautiful! Love, peace & music forever!”