Culture, Politics & Identity

The art of Active Listening

Think about how many times you use the pronouns “I” and “me” in your every day life. How many times you have asked your friends and your colleagues to look

Society & Lifestyle

The current way to converse your board of directors

Holding typical meetings is surely an outdated technique for communication between your board regarding directors. It can no extended satisfies all of the difficulties of the very fashionable universe. The

Travel & Abroad

My Hometown – Võru

Well, before you can hear about my hometown, try to pronounce it.  It is pretty tough, I know. Only real Estonian will cope with it. So take your time and

Youth Unemployment

To follow or not to follow your dream

Have you ever asked yourself “Is this what I really want to do?” while listening to one of your professors in university giving a lecture? Do you ever have second